Mondo Guerra's Hypno-Dot T-shirt & Skirt

Check out the latest custom print from my favorite Project Runway designer. Leave it to Mondo Guerra to reinvent polka dots with his trademark whimsy. To expect anything less is just silly. Mondo describes his hypnotic design as “a constellation of circles”.

Hypno-Dot Boatneck Tee

White boatneck t-shirt features black Hypno-Dots and half-length sleeves.

Both pieces are stylish and versatile and can be easily paired with other apparel. The tee can be worn pants or shorts, or a pair of jeans, or a denim skirt.

Hypno-Dot Pencil Skirt

Black high-waisted pencil skirt starring a graphic array of white hypno-dots.

The skirt can be worn with a crisp button down dress shirt, a crop top, or a short-sleeved body conscious t-shirt. Of course, the obvious way to wear them is together. I would rock this with a pair of sky-high, black ankle boots. The skirt and t-shirt, plus other Mondo clothing and accessories can be found at

2 responses to “I Want: Mondo Guerra’s Hypno-Dot Tee and Skirt”

  1. Mondo Avatar

    Thanks for the support!

    Team Mondo


    1. StylEnigma Avatar

      My pleasure.


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