I Want: Mondo Guerra’s Hypno-Dot Tee and Skirt

Mondo Guerra's Hypno-Dot T-shirt & Skirt

Check out the latest custom print from my favorite Project Runway designer. Leave it to Mondo Guerra to reinvent polka dots with his trademark whimsy. To expect anything less is just silly. Mondo describes his hypnotic design as “a constellation of circles”.

Hypno-Dot Boatneck Tee

White boatneck t-shirt features black Hypno-Dots and half-length sleeves.

Both pieces are stylish and versatile and can be easily paired with other apparel. The tee can be worn pants or shorts, or a pair of jeans, or a denim skirt.

Hypno-Dot Pencil Skirt

Black high-waisted pencil skirt starring a graphic array of white hypno-dots.

The skirt can be worn with a crisp button down dress shirt, a crop top, or a short-sleeved body conscious t-shirt. Of course, the obvious way to wear them is together. I would rock this with a pair of sky-high, black ankle boots. The skirt and t-shirt, plus other Mondo clothing and accessories can be found at mondoguerra.com.

Midriff Mania


Everywhere I look, I see stomach exposure and not just because it is hot outside. This time of year, it is customary to wear lighter fabric and colors and bare a little skin, and the location of choice is the midriff at the moment. The runways were overrun with models’ flaunting their midsections in bandage or bandeau tops, colored and embellished bras and bralettes, and see through fabric.

midriff-panel-runway-examples - Copy

~Sheer Paneling~

The pressure to have a stellar body and suddenly become obsessed with Pilates or renew your dedication to yoga has been lifted because many of the torso baring styles are inclusive of many body shapes and sizes. For instance, a button down shirt tied at the waist can be untied for concealment, and a discreet way to show the tummy is through sheer paneling or cutouts. The keyhole trend allows us to be sexy and leave something to the imagination in our quest to keep cool.

equipment-dylan-tie-front equipment-dylan-tie-front-model

~Blouse tied at the waist ~

midriff-elle-jonathan-saunders-spring-2013-rtw - Copy midriff-elle-kenzo-spring-2013-rtw - Copy midriffelle-loewe-spring-2013-rtw - Copy


midriff-elle-louis-vuiton-spring-2013-rtw - Copy midriff-elle-louis-vuiton-spring-2013-rtw-1 - Copy midriff-elle-marchesa-spring-2013-rtw - Copy

~Crop Top~

The Cut seemed to suggested that some midriff baring tops, the newly evolved crop tops for instance, are ok for the workplace. I suppose it would depend on the job, but for the most part, showing your tummy is a no-no. Right?…


~Midriff Peephole ~

What do you think? Are midriffs appropriate for any workplace and if so, how would you make it look professional? Visit StylEnigma’s Facebook page and create a look that is work friendly with the Style Maker.

Just in Time: White Dresses in Every Style, Ever : Lucky Magazine

It’s that time of year where “they” give us permission to wear white until labor Day, and if you wear white any other time, people will look at you sideways. There are people out there that insist on embracing the antiquated notion that you can only wear white at certain times of the year. It’s been a long time since I sought permission to wear anything, and if my super-strict, super-religious mother couldn’t make me wear what she wanted, complete strangers don’t have a prayer, credentials be damned. Get it? Religious, prayer, damned… Yes, I got jokes, and they’re clean jokes. I don’t need my mother cursing me. See, did it again…

Anyway… I have always thought that was a stupid fashion rule because, it’s a stupid fashion rule. Wear whatever, whenever. I came across this article on Lucky magazine’s site, and I couldn’t help but go through the gallery. This dress, #18, “Tamga” by Kimberly Ovitz, is what got me to re-blog (I don’t re-blog often) this article. Go to Shopbop if for no other reason just to see the dress in action. It’s worth it. If this was available in black I would squeal and hyperventilate, in that order. I really like Kimberly Ovitz. Her clothing is easy, flowing, unique, and she isn’t afraid of asymmetrical hemlines or layers. Very cool…

Here are a few more looks from the gallery:

For a look at the rest of the dresses in Lucky’s photo gallery:

White Dresses in Every Style, Ever : Lucky Magazine.

Project Runway Teams Finale Too Close To Call


This season of Project Runway was as much of a challenge for me as it was for the contestants with the team format, and after watching all season, I’m not a fan. Ok, maybe not as much of a challenge for me since I still tuned in every week. I just can’t quit Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. We are finally down to the final three, and I have to say that except for Stanley Hudson, the other two finalists, Patricia Michaels and Michelle Lesniak Franklin were not on my finale list initially. Daniel Esquivel, who was eliminated in part 1 of season 11’s finale was actually an early favorite of mine, but Michelle’s second chance was his undoing.

I can’t stand Michelle’s funky attitude, but I LOVE her clothes, which is more important than winning a personality contest. I would wear her clothes all day, every day if someone else was designing them. I’m one of those people that if I don’t like you, I reject everything that comes with you. Donald Trump is a perfect example; He has been a monumental Ass for a couple of years quite some time, and as much as I love The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, I had to let them go because I can’t support the notions of an idiot. The same goes for Kanye West and his Taylor Swift stunt. I have to make do with Late Registration (which I love), and not buy any more of his music because too much money, and adoration has blinded his ability to respect others and celebrate their success without it becoming all about him and what he thinks.


Fun Fact: Michelle’s model is Lisa Jackson from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 9, one of my favorites and certainly one of the most beautiful models to grace either runway.

I was completely through with her when she was wallowing in self pity because the others got to jet off to European fashion capitals, and she had to stay in New York. Her field trip around the city rejuvenated her spirit, but that was replaced with animosity because the others had the audacity to come back from their trips happy and excited. No appreciation whatsoever for getting a second chance, just sour grapes. If that wasn’t a turn off, the constant cattiness and rejection of support from the others certainly was. Nevertheless, I loved the dress she made for that challenge and I would wear that with or without the quilted breast plate, with or without the smudged hem. I like a bit of edginess. What can I say?

Sorry, I digress… Where was I?

The Finalists

Patricia Michaels, 46, Taos, NM, representing Native Americans in a way that is not often seen. What she brings to the table is her unexpected and innovative textiles, not to mention her out-of-the-box creativity. After the third episode, I knew she was special and I looked forward to seeing what she produced every week. However, her three collection preview pieces has me worried. She is all over the place, and it shows. Zach Posen was so adorable with his critique of her collection and while Heidi and Nina Garcia were being “mean girls” and comparing her outfits to Dr. Suess (because of one of her headpieces) he cushioned the blows with appreciation for the head pieces as well as her creativity. Patricia has never won a challenge and usually, the judges take that into consideration when choosing the final three, but I believe her textiles and creativity had them hooked despite the fact that she teeters on the line of being crafty.


Michelle Lesniak Franklin, 34, Portland, OR, is the youngest and moodiest of the contestants. We already know what I think of her so let’s get down to business. First look, hated it! Second look, I loved the olive green pop of color and how unusual that dress was. The last look that she showed was a hardware laden jacket that could accommodate several bags, and I liked it, the judges weren’t as excited. She got an earful for having too much hardware, but I am one of those women who would be carrying all of those bags so I can see the value. The judges were not happy with her styling either; the hair was messed up, bland makeup, but I got it – Lone wolf separated from her pack. I got it, the judges didn’t.


Stanley Hudson, 44, West Hollywood CA, quiet, contained, bossy. I have always liked Stanley, he reminds me of my brother Mark but the judges thought his  collection was matronly. I liked the zipper in the back of his dress, I thought it was sexy, but Zach called it dated. Tim told him that his collection was not sexy or modern enough. I thought it represented classy, understated sexiness. I would wear Stanley’s clothes. As much as I like an edge, I also like sophistication. I live in Colorado, I want to be covered up. It’s cold here in the Rockies. The judges didn’t like anyone’s styling because the made fun of his as well.


Michael Kors finally makes an appearance for the season 11 finale and it won’t be long before we find out who is going to get a 2013 Lexus GS 350, a spread in Marie Claire, a technology suite worth $50,000 from HP and Intel, and the opportunity to design an exclusive collection for Lord & Taylor. I won’t even make a prediction as to who the winner will be until I see the finale fashion show that was taped during the 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York.

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StylEnigma’s Facebook Style Maker – Items

These are some of the 100 items in the Style Maker  that you can use to create your own fashion sets on StylEnigma’s Facebook page. Come on over and give it a try. It’s addictive!

Prabal Gurung

Prabal RTW-Fall-2013
A look from the Prabal Gurung runway show.


Prabal Gurung is my new favorite designer. Not that I don’t still love my Chanel and Alexander Wang, but every time I see an outfit that I fall in love with on sight, it’s a Prabal Gurung. I am really drawn to his aesthetic.  He is destined to be in my closet and I want my wallet to agree without constantly reminding me it’s impossible… Mission Impossible.

There is no doubt that Prabal Gurung has arrived.  He launched his capsule collection for Target on February 10th, and according to Business Insider,  it almost sold out in one day. The 93-piece line has clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry. The collection is colorful but not overwhelmingly bright because there is black incorporated to give it some balance. The florals are more classic than trendy, and the line print is a bit abstract, but not enough to make you lose interest. Top the collection off with the bold jewelry if you still feel the need to kick it up a notch. Everything is meant to match and swap, and the possibilities are endless.


A look from the Prabal Gurung for Target capsule collection.


You can definitely see Prabal in his collection for Target, and it cost a fraction of his high-end line. Prices start a $19.99 and top off at $199.99? So if you always wanted a Prabal Gurung but couldn’t justify spending thousands of dollars,  Target is giving you the opportunity to start your Prabal Gurung collection. If you’re a super-fan this nail art tutorial is inspired by one of his prints.

Prabal Gurung Inspired Nail Art by Elizabeth Monson


I need every single Prabal Gurung outfit I saw from his New York Fashion Week show. His Fall 2013 RTW collection is… Badass. Sorry, if there are any sensitive ears out there, but I was actually sugar-coating my description. There really is no room for political correctness here. The olive green military inspired outfits are embellished with fur, belt straps, and leather gloves, and the results are striking. The collection is inspired by Asgardа, a  Ukrainian martial art that has been recreated to accommodate a woman’s physique, and many of the outfits have authentic Ukrainian embroidery. The dresses are seductive, and feature strategically placed cutouts and thigh-high slits that flow seductively in white, olive green, royal blue, and red silk.  The message is clear; look but don’t touch. It’s hard and soft and reeks of attitude. There is very little in his 2013 Fall collection that I didn’t like. Check out the gallery of my favorites and tell me what you think about the collection.

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