I Want: Mondo Guerra’s Hypno-Dot Tee and Skirt

Check out the latest custom print from my favorite Project Runway designer. Leave it to Mondo Guerra to reinvent polka dots with his trademark whimsy. To expect anything less is just silly. Mondo describes his hypnotic design as “a constellation of circles”. Both pieces are stylish and versatile and can be easily paired with otherContinue reading “I Want: Mondo Guerra’s Hypno-Dot Tee and Skirt”

Midriff Mania

Everywhere I look, I see stomach exposure and not just because it is hot outside. This time of year, it is customary to wear lighter fabric and colors and bare a little skin, and the location of choice is the midriff at the moment. The runways were overrun with models’ flaunting their midsections in bandageContinue reading “Midriff Mania”

Just in Time: White Dresses in Every Style, Ever : Lucky Magazine

It’s that time of year where “they” give us permission to wear white until labor Day, and if you wear white any other time, people will look at you sideways. There are people out there that insist on embracing the antiquated notion that you can only wear white at certain times of the year. It’sContinue reading “Just in Time: White Dresses in Every Style, Ever : Lucky Magazine”

Project Runway Teams Finale Too Close To Call

This season of Project Runway was as much of a challenge for me as it was for the contestants with the team format, and after watching all season, I’m not a fan. Ok, maybe not as much of a challenge for me since I still tuned in every week. I just can’t quit Heidi KlumContinue reading “Project Runway Teams Finale Too Close To Call”

StylEnigma’s Facebook Style Maker – Items

These are some of the 100 items in the Style Maker  that you can use to create your own fashion sets on StylEnigma’s Facebook page. Come on over and give it a try. It’s addictive! Style Maker – Items by stylenigma on polyvore.com

Prabal Gurung

  Prabal Gurung is my new favorite designer. Not that I don’t still love my Chanel and Alexander Wang, but every time I see an outfit that I fall in love with on sight, it’s a Prabal Gurung. I am really drawn to his aesthetic.  He is destined to be in my closet and I want my wallet to agree without constantlyContinue reading “Prabal Gurung”