I haven’t posted an “I Want” post in a while because I haven’t seen anything that gave me chills. That was until I saw Christopher Kane’s velvet paneled skirt.


As a person who loves black, this skirt is perfect for breaking it up. The print is abstract and so is the hemline although other’s might consider it to be asymmetrical. It is also made with sheer silk-voile with a silk-voile lining that is also sheer.

You might want to wear a slip if you don’t want to show your lady-bits. If you are an exhibitionist, this skirt is for you.


This skirt is as versatile as they come. It can be worn with a t-shirt, a pull-over, or a sheer blouse. I would wear this with ankle boots, but I can also see a nice pair of stilettos. It is pricy at $2,335 so as much as I love Mr. Kane, I will be looking for an alternative. So, how would you style Christopher Kane’s velvet trimmed silk-voile skirt?


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