News From The Beautiverse – Pre-Fall and Couture Edition

  What Exactly Does Pre-Fall Mean? The pre-fall shows have just ended and the haute couture shows are winding down. They are the appetizers before we sit down for fashion week. I don’t know why they call it fashion week when globally, it lasts for two and a half months. While I’m owning my confusion,Continue reading “News From The Beautiverse – Pre-Fall and Couture Edition”

Holly Burn Spoofs Vogue’s 73 Questions With Victoria Beckham

  Last week I wrote a couple of posts about Victoria Beckham (I guess last week was unintentionally all about Victoria Beckham) and one of the mentions was in my weekly newsletter “News From The Beautiverse” about her stint on Vogue’s 73 Questions series. British comedian, actor, and writer Holly Burn decided to spoof it (somebody had to)Continue reading “Holly Burn Spoofs Vogue’s 73 Questions With Victoria Beckham”

The Best Makeup To Cover Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that darkens the skin and results in uneven skin tone and can be very difficult to cover. I am personally affected by this condition, and it makes life difficult. The condition is caused by many factors; disease, sun exposure, medications, and hormonal changes are just a few of the stimulantsContinue reading “The Best Makeup To Cover Hyperpigmentation”

Sephora Reveals The Next Big Skin Care Breakthrough: Beauty Oil

As a person with oily skin, the idea of putting oil on my face was ridiculous because logically, wouldn’t more oil cause oiliness and breakouts? Apparently not, according to the beauty experts at Sephora, the only way to fight oil is with oil. With today’s beauty oils, you can cleanse, fight aging and hydrate yourContinue reading “Sephora Reveals The Next Big Skin Care Breakthrough: Beauty Oil”

Whoops! But Check Out These Tutorials Since You’re Here.

Another Whoops! So sorry. Obviously I am working on a post but my fingers are faster than the computer. Stay tuned for a fantastic post on my favorite subject; Nail Art with my nail art failures as the subject. Until then, please enjoy a couple of tutorials, the first is about nail maintenance that willContinue reading “Whoops! But Check Out These Tutorials Since You’re Here.”