Are Vera Wang’s Pink Bridal Dresses Just For Show?

Gwen Stefani, Jessica Biel, and Anne Hathaway opted for pink wedding gowns for their weddings, and this season pink is all the rage, especially after Vera Wang presented her 2014 collection at Bridal Fashion Week in various hues of pink with large flower or bow embellishments. What makes the color choice even more attractive isContinue reading “Are Vera Wang’s Pink Bridal Dresses Just For Show?”

Beyoncé Stuns With New Pixie Cut

No, it’s not a wig. Everyone, and I mean everyone is going gaga over Beyoncé’s new haircut with some speculating that it is a wig, and she would never shear her long locks. Well, she did and I like it. It is a little difficult to see the long hair gone after seeing her withContinue reading “Beyoncé Stuns With New Pixie Cut”

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