Project Runway: Say Goodbye to Unicorns

Yeah, Timothy is gone!!! Now I can enjoy Project Runway fully! Three weeks of sucking. I dare anyone to find one person that can say what he brought to the table was in any way, shape, or form worthy of the runway. Another unconventional challenge, this time with materials from prizes won on a fun-filledContinue reading “Project Runway: Say Goodbye to Unicorns”

I Want: Michelle Williams’ Edgy Pixie Cut

Is this not the cutest haircut ever? Michelle Williams rocks a carefree and funky ‘do that definitely suits her in this Louis Vuitton accessories ad. Her hair was styled by Sam McKnight (genius),and the gorgeous actress was lucky to have the one and only Stéphane Marais grace her face with her enviable artistic skills. LoveContinue reading “I Want: Michelle Williams’ Edgy Pixie Cut”

Project Runway 12 Premieres Dramatic Season

Project runway season 12 started out with a blast with “the unconventional challenge” straight out of the gate, an unusual and cunning move. The designers didn’t even get the chance to settle in before Heidi threw what most would say is the most difficult of challenges at them. Usually, the “unconventional challenge” makes an appearanceContinue reading “Project Runway 12 Premieres Dramatic Season”

I Want: Mondo Guerra’s Hypno-Dot Tee and Skirt

Check out the latest custom print from my favorite Project Runway designer. Leave it to Mondo Guerra to reinvent polka dots with his trademark whimsy. To expect anything less is just silly. Mondo describes his hypnotic design as “a constellation of circles”. Both pieces are stylish and versatile and can be easily paired with otherContinue reading “I Want: Mondo Guerra’s Hypno-Dot Tee and Skirt”

Gold & Summer

You would not believe the drama I went through to get this to look right. I had to publish something because Polyvore threatened to deactivate my group if I didn’t create a set. Unfortunately, I forgot to publish to draft, and it all went downhill from there. If I were wearing this outfit instead ofContinue reading “Gold & Summer”

Running Shorts Revolution

Remember these? I do, and I really didn’t like them when they were in trendy in the 80s after Adidas sponsored the 1980 Olympics, and I’m on the fence now. It’s not the shorts fault; I have a very disturbing memory of these shorts revealing too much of an already gross male’s nuts and bolts,Continue reading “Running Shorts Revolution”

The Eyes Have It – Lancôme Show by Alber Elbaz

Israeli designer Alber Elbaz is dressing more than women these days as The Lancôme Show by Alber Elbaz makes its debut. Elbaz took his electric, contemporary style and collaborated with Lancôme to come up with a limited edition collection in eye-catching packaging that demands attention. The collection focuses on the eyes and offers four differentContinue reading “The Eyes Have It – Lancôme Show by Alber Elbaz”

I Want – Jimmy Choo Anouk and Abel Degradé Metallic Leather and Suede Pumps

When I hear Jimmy Choo I immediately  think ‘shoes’. As a matter of fact, I think shoes should  be called Choos. This is the brand that made me see shoes as more than just protection from hurt, harm, and danger. The newest addition to the shoe dynasty, metallic leather and suede, includes a jolt ofContinue reading “I Want – Jimmy Choo Anouk and Abel Degradé Metallic Leather and Suede Pumps”

Midriff Mania

Everywhere I look, I see stomach exposure and not just because it is hot outside. This time of year, it is customary to wear lighter fabric and colors and bare a little skin, and the location of choice is the midriff at the moment. The runways were overrun with models’ flaunting their midsections in bandageContinue reading “Midriff Mania”

Clarins’ Crystal Lip Balms – The Second Time Around

I have to admit, I was attracted to their beauty, so much so that I’m not sure I want to disturb that beauty by using them. But seriously, Clarins’ limited-edition Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms are an innovative and attractive take on lip tints. The tinted outer layer is a crystal clear soothing balm thatContinue reading “Clarins’ Crystal Lip Balms – The Second Time Around”