News From The Beautiverse – NYFW Fall 2015 RTW Edition


I didn’t get to follow Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York as closely as I would have liked, but when I did get the opportunity to catch up, Wow! I mean WOW! Surprisingly, a couple of the designers I was most impressed with were designers I am not normally drawn to. I am so glad I was in the mood to explore. Ralph Lauren, J. Mendel, and Marc Jacobs really got my attention and are my top three favorite collections from the NYFW Fall 2015 RTW shows.

I am not normally pulled towards Ralph Lauren and J. Mendel, but they finally got me. I am always impressed with Marc Jacobs, and this time he was, how they say, “money.” At least he was for me. What was a running theme at New York Fashion Week 2015 is fur, fringe, and the 70s. I was actually amazed at how much fur there was seeing how animal rights groups like to congregate outside the arenas, but it’s pretty clear that designers are either using fake or socially acceptable fur or they aren’t concerned about haters.

J. Mendel

J. Mendel’s color choice for his show was primarily in one of my favorite color combinations; black and white, and red. Somehow, the black and red make the white seem bold, don’t you think? The silky, flowing paisley printed dresses, colorful fur jackets, plunging necklines, and high slits gave off a definite 70s vibe.

Scarves were rampant in this collection and the pop of embroidery here and there made this collection retro and exquisite at the same time.This collection was an unexpected and pleasant surprise, and I am sorry I haven’t paid closer attention to this designer. If J. Mendel is trying to bring the 70s back, he was successful.

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See more of J. Mendel’s New York Fashion Week 2015 RTW collection at

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren tends to be a little All American conservative for me, but there were a lot of pieces in this collection that I would definitely wear. This collection was classic, elegant, and versatile, so versatile that there was something in this collection for most aesthetics at any time of day. another interesting dynamic was masculine looks such as a pinstripe suit being balanced out by a fur collar. Actually, anything made of fur is actually made of shearing, a good thing because I was feeling a little guilty for loving the furry hats and furry elbow length gloves.

All of the shearing, richly hued cashmere, and suede gave off a rich Western aura as if we were at a Southfork gathering on Dallas. The collection was in very earthy tones, olive-green, camel, winter white, and multiple tones of brown, but it screamed extravagance. I love earth tones and I think brown is a luxurious color and it certainly was here. After the floppy hats, ankle boots, fringed purses, and flowing skirts were a few glittering metallic dresses at the end just to throw you off.


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See more of Ralph Lauren’s New York Fashion Week 2015 RTW collection at

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs collection was dark and elegant, just the way I like it. Pine green and midnight blue plaid. Yes, please. Wide bugle bead trimming on body-conscious dresses and patent leather boots. Perfection. Black gloves, thin leather belts, and animal prints. Absolutely. Can you tell that this was my favorite collectIon?

This collection is definitely me. It got a bit risqué for a minute with the sheer dresses and panties, but there was something morbidly romantic about it. There really wasn’t one thing in this collection that I do not want, and that includes the risqué outfits. Marc Jacobs is a freakin’ genius, not just in his clothing designs but in how he dresses his models from head to toe. The accessories, makeup, and hair are always the final, perfect touch to his show. Again, perfection.

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Do You Agree? What Trends Need To Die?


Trends change constantly, some stick around for years, some for a season, and some never die. Every season has a new black and for New York Fashion Week, its gold. Seriously, why can’t gold just be the new “it” color and let black be black? Nothing replaces black. Am I wrong?

Classic Short Sparkles – That’s right, sequins.
Bailey Button
Bailey Button – As if we need neon to see this monstrosity.
Blaise Crystal – Is any respectable biker going to respect you in these boots?
Mini Bailey Button Neon – UGG’s are not cheap. You can get this pair for a measly $135.

Yahoo Shine has enlisted a bevy of fashion insiders to share a long list of trends that have passed their expiration dates, and if you remember, I have my contender, but it didn’t make the list. Out of all of them, I agree with Coco Rocha’s choice – UGG boots. Ugh! I don’t understand how wearing this Australian import, especially in the summer, EVER became trendy but this cancels out the Hemsworth’s. And people are STILL wearing them, and these suckers aren’t cheap. The least you will pair for a pair of women’s boots on the UGG site is $135. Wait, it gets better. The line has expanded into mot-chic, sequins, and gasp, neon. I guess there is no accounting for taste. If you are curious to see if your choice made the list, visit What Trends Need To Die? Fashion Week Stars Weigh In on Yahoo Shine. Seriously, help us help you.

January Lacquer Legion Submission Featuring Jacqueline Quinn’s Diamond Silver Bracelet

Created with Sally Hansen Magnetic nail color in Cosmic Blue and Essie Hors D’oeuvres nail lacquer from the 2013 Encrusted Treasures Collection.

I wanted to share my submission for the Lacquer Legion’s January Challenge. The challenge was titled “Reinvention” but my submission was based on my current manicure of which I was testing magnetic nail polishes. I wasn’t attracted to these type of polishes at first but now I love playing with them. They can be expensive, but I found a set of four at Walmart a couple of weeks ago for $10 and there are some pretty good deals on Amazon as well.  I have also gained a new respect for photography, and I will be shopping for a camera that is not attached to a phone soon. As if I needed a reason to shop.

Jacqueline Quinn Diamond Silver Bracelet

Like a lot of people, I was reluctant to share my lackluster skills but I had to find a way to show the Jacqueline Quinn Diamond Silver Bracelet. I covet her Gabrielle clutch, and I wear this provocative bracelet all the time, and it is a testament to why she is one of the coolest designers around. I can’t even call her trendy because she supersedes that term. 

In addition to her fabulous bags and jewelry, Jacqueline’s newest contribution to the fashion world is the Sara Emanuel Fall 2014 collection. While Jacqueline will not be showing at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week F/W 2014, the Sara Emanuel line will be previewing at the Refinery Hotel on February 23, 2014. Check out the video for a closer look at Jacqueline and the Sara Emanuel line and stay tuned for more on Jacqueline Quinn and her newest success.