Microbead-free Options

I’m sure you’ve heard that the senate has just passed the Microbead-free Waters Act of 2015 that bans the production of products containing microbeads. If exfoliation is part of your beauty regimen (and it should be) you may have products in your home such as body washes, scrubs and toothpaste that contain microbeads. You may haveContinue reading “Microbead-free Options”

Sunless Tanning Tips That Can Save Your Tan

A great spray tan makes you and your skin feel attractive and healthy. A bad spray tan does the opposite. Whether you get your golden glow at a tanning salon or at home, you want to avoid embarrassing tanning disasters like product running down your legs or splotchy spots on your arms. You don’t haveContinue reading “Sunless Tanning Tips That Can Save Your Tan”

101 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know – StumbleUpon

Who doesn’t need beauty tips? A fool doesn’t need beauty tips, that’s who. When I say “beauty” I don’t necessarily mean makeup; it can be about how to improve skin texture and tone, or beauty alternatives found in the refrigerator. My favorites: 91. “Balance out your shimmer. If you’re doing a shimmery eye, do matteContinue reading “101 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know – StumbleUpon”