I Want: M.A.C. Temperature Rising Nail Lacquer in Tropical

M.A.C. Temperature Rising Nail Lacquer

When I spotted MAC’s Tropical nail polish, I came to a screeching halt. I was never a fan of glitter until about six months ago when I spotted some amazing nail art with glitter polishes. Since then, I have added Milani Ruby Jewels and Sally Hansen Wedding Crasher to my polish repertoire, and it looks like Tropical will join the family.

MAC-TEMP-RISE-LACQUER MAC-Scorching-haute-lacquer

Tropical is part of the Temperature Rising Collection which launched in May. I think the combination of bronze glitter, gold, and copper is perfect for the summer months and suits any skin tone. One coat will produce a sheer coating with subtle shimmer, while two coats will provide more oomph. There is another polish in the collection, Scorching Haute, which is a magenta glitter lacquer with no color base. The polishes in the Temperature Rising collection are $18 each.

Clarins’ Crystal Lip Balms – The Second Time Around

I have to admit, I was attracted to their beauty, so much so that I’m not sure I want to disturb that beauty by using them. But seriously, Clarins’ limited-edition Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms are an innovative and attractive take on lip tints. The tinted outer layer is a crystal clear soothing balm that surrounds a full-coverage lip stick. Together they provide spectacular shine and intense color that is completely adjustable.


Crystal Rose, Crystal Mandarin, Crystal Berry, and Crystal Gold Plum


Available in four colors—Crystal Rose, a pretty dark pink; Crystal Mandarin, a punchy coral; Crystal Berry, a deep garnet; and Crystal Gold Plum, a mauve wine, the seal of approval was solidified when it was released last summer as part of the Enchanted Summer Collection, so perhaps Clarins will make it a permanent member of the family.


Makeup Magic: Chiseled Cheekbones (Tutorial)

Well defined cheekbones made by using contouring and shading methods.

Do you aspire to have cut-glass cheekbones? Just the name says it all; chiseled cheeks so high and sharp they will cut you. I don’t see a lot of blush tutorials, so when I saw this one by make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury on NET-A-PORTER, I had to share. The trick revolves around shading and contouring methods to give the illusion of higher cheekbones and added definition. Kevin Aucoin made this look relatively easy in his Making Faces and “The Art of Makeup” beauty bibles. I would go out and buy one of his books and marvel at the transformations he created with all of his tools and products, then go forth with confidence that I could eventually have the same result with a little practice. Good times…

To be fair, the video vixen already has well-defined, high cheekbones so I would have loved to have seen this tutorial on a model that didn’t already look like she was sucking her cheeks in. I have high, well-defined cheekbones as well so I am of no help.

What do you think? Are you impressed with this makeup trick? If you are or if you have tried this and achieved the look you want, share the results.

Is Lower Lash Mascara a Great Idea or a Gimmick?

The desire for longer, fuller lashes is understandable because they make us look attentive, awake and alluring. Some of us are so serious about it that we will spend major cash to make them as realistically lush as possible. Personally, I think eyelash extensions are going too far. You can get an entire head of extensions for what it costs to extend eyelashes.

Enhancing and lengthening the bottom lashes can be tricky and frustrating because the size of the mascara brush overpowers the minuscule lower lashes and the area below the eye is oily leading to makeup smudge. Many women simply skip applying mascara on the lower lashes (I am one of them) in order to avoid the inevitable smudges and noticeable flaking.

There are lower lash mascaras on the market that tackle issues specific to the bottom lashes, but are they the answer to our prayers or just another useless gimmick?  What is the difference between the bottom and upper lashes besides the lower lashes besides the length? Shouldn’t patience, smudge proof mascara, and a magnifying mirror produce the same results as a lower lash mascara? I found three products that are supposed to define the lower lashes without flaking and smudging.

e.l.f. Studio Exact Lash, $3, is inexpensive enough for the curious and skeptical to try without buyer’s remorse. It has a small brush that is designed for controlled application and precise definition.

Clinique Bottom Lash $10, also has a tiny brush that is supposed to produce fuller, evenly coated lashes. This smudge-proof mascara is specially formulated to come off easily with warm water.

Guerlain Le 2 $36, eliminates the need for two mascaras with a dual ended wand. One end has a brush that coats volumizing mascara through upper lashes easily without clumping or smudging. The other end has a miniature brush that is angled to reach and define even the  tiniest lower lash.

I read a few reviews online and the Clinique mascara is the most popular out of the three. The majority don’t see the logic behind using separate mascaras and I agree but I am going to try the Clinique, so I can make an informed decision. Plus, I need an excuse to browse Sephora.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section or vote in the poll.

101 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know – StumbleUpon

woman dark hair

Who doesn’t need beauty tips? A fool doesn’t need beauty tips, that’s who. When I say “beauty” I don’t necessarily mean makeup; it can be about how to improve skin texture and tone, or beauty alternatives found in the refrigerator.

My favorites:

91. “Balance out your shimmer. If you’re doing a shimmery eye, do matte lips”- Raychel Wade, founder of Cheek to Chic and La Prairie’s colour ambassador

79. During summer, “Its easy to forget that feet can get sunburned. Be sure to apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 50 when barefoot”- Dr. Leslie Campbell, DPM.

55. If you don’t have nail polish remover, apply clear nail polish over and then wipe off. It will remove old polish.

44.”You should always go to a hair-removal specialist, where waxing, laser etc. is their main business – don’t go to a nail salon for a wax”- Cindy Barshop, Completely Bare and Bravo’s RHONYC.

35.There are always cheap, natural and effective homemade beauty recipes.

23.”Don’t be too serious: It’s only Makeup! “- Francois NARS insists you play around with new colors.

18. If you choose to use false eyelashes, remember to use the dark glue as it will blend in with the lashes.

For the rest of the list visit:

101 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know – StumbleUpon.