News From The Beautiverse Jan. 14-Jan. 20.15

First Lady Michelle Obama and Julianna Marguiles (as Alicia Florrick) wearing Michael Kors

Battle Of The Political Wives

Besides Deflate Gate, the Michael Kors suit Michelle Obama wore to the State of the Union address was the biggest news story this week, fashion related that is. More to the point, the buzz was over who wore it better, Mrs. O or the character that Julianna Margulies plays, Alicia Florrick, on The Good Wife. Personally, I think both ladies looked spectacular in the suit and Michelle Obama looks great in anything she wears. The grey tweed Michael Kors skirt suit from his 2013 F/W collection is conservative compared to the runway version; a cinched black belt and a deep zippered slit gives it a sexy librarian vibe. The actresses wardrobe department on those political dramas should be winning awards because they are putting business attire on a new level.

Girl, You Smell Good!

Is your nail art experience ruined by the stench of nail polish remover, or do you just want to limit the amount of chemicals you are exposed to? If so, Chrome Girl Genie is the polish remover for you. Huffington Post Style gave this product a great review saying it smells great AND effectively removes polish. The Piña Colada scented remover is without acetone and parabens and has nail strengthener and cuticle conditioner.

Can Tyra Banks Smize Her Way Out Of A Law Suit?

Tyra Banks is returning to the already crowded talk show arena, but this time she has company. Much likeThe View, her new show, The F.A.B. (Fun and Beautiful), will include model Chrissy Teigen, stylist Joe Zee, interior designer Lauren Makk, and YouTube vlogger Leah Ashley, but will focus on a lifestyle format. Seriously, I want what she’s having because America’s Next Top Model is going into season 22, she recently launched her new tubular cosmetics line, and she is being sued by former ANTM contestant Angelea Preston. How does she sleep? America’s Next Top Model fans may finally learn why Preston was a commercial away from getting the crown and was never seen again with no explanation. As a fan that has seen all 22 seasons, I felt that acting as if she never existed was an insult to our intelligence.

Sara Jessica Parker Shoe Showroom – It’s About Time

Sarah Jessica Parker is taking the next logical step, her own showroom on 5th Ave. What took so long? The SJP shoe line is backed by none other than Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malekemus, and Francesco Bardazzi found SJP a 3,000-square-foot space. I want her life. Italians and shoes? The opening date is slated for February’s Fashion Week (Feb. 12-19). She is also teaming up with Rhianna and others for a special charity auction of personalized Fendi bags to commemorate the relaunch of the baguette, and the new Fendi store at 598 Madison Avenue in New York, from Feb. 13, to March 13, before being auctioned for charity.

Where Are Your Friends?

This one isn’t news as much as it is absurd and cringe worthy. I have very sparse eyebrows so the current full eyebrow trends is not something that I can embrace. I know that I can go and get eyebrow stencils or fillers, but that’s just not something I choose to do. I’m much more interested in being Lynnette and less concerned with being on trend. However these ladies have taken to drawing on eyebrows, not just on themselves but somewhere in this gallery, there is a baby involved. (Just because you can have children doesn’t mean you should.)  They look as if they were drawn on with permanent markers and they’re hilarious and hideous. I don’t know who their friends are, but they are not good friends. Friends don’t let friends leave the house looking like this.



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