News From The Beautiverse Jan. 7-Jan.13.15

News From The Beautiverse Jan. 7-Jan. 13.15




Smiling On The Inside

Just off the heels of my latest post about Victoria Beckham’s new polish is a “revealing” interview with the pop princess turned fashion designer. One question I have always wanted to know, “Why Victoria Beckham Never Smiles”. I didn’t expect the answer she gave, nor did I expect the video to be so rehearsed, but I should have.

Pain In The Butt

As a person with a small frame and an ass that is proportionate to my body, by today’s standards I have no ass, even when it’s upright and perky. I like my non-existent, caramel colored, gluteus maximus, but those who don’t appreciate their God-given assets have gone through great lengths to enhance their backsides and that includes implants and injections. If your life-long goal is to make your butt clap and you are considering cosmetic measures, take a look at these cautionary tales before you spend a dime.

Is the Hype Over Kale Justified?

I love kale, preferably baked or deep-fried which negates the health benefits I’m sure. The way I like it withstanding, kale is touted as being very healthy and is quite trendy. The question is; Is it worth the hype? Check out this video for some surprising answers and the interesting way nutritionist come up with the numbers.

Hello Norma Jeane

Max Factor, the makeup line that is responsible for turning Norma Jeane into Marilyn Monroe, is honoring the Hollywood and beauty icon posthumously by making her their global ambassador for their 80th anniversary. Monroe died in 1962, but her memory and beauty is firmly etched into our minds forever.

That’s it. Have a great rest of the week!


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