Is The Spray On Nail Polish Worth The Splurge? — Enterspree


I don’t often reblog, but I had to give props to a fellow beauty blogger, Chanele Edwards at Enterspree for this review of Nails Inc. Paint Can nail polish. I wrote a blog post in December when I first heard about it praising the innovation but hypothesizing the pitfalls of a product that wasn’t available in the U.S. then. Chanelle commented that she had never heard of the product until reading my post, but found a can for half the price in the U.K., where she lives. I begged her to review it – she did. So today, I am posting her review of the product. Please read her post it’s very informative, and definitely watch the video. I had no idea she is so beautiful!

A spray on nail polish? How revolutionary! Nails Inc London have released the worlds first ever spray on nail polish and the internet has been going crazy. It was very difficult to get my hands on one but I managed to grab the last one in stock at Selfridges London for a discounted price of […]

via Is The Spray On Nail Polish Worth The Splurge? — Enterspree

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  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    I dont know why I didnt look further into those spray on nail polishes yet – for someone who is able to kill their naildos within a short amount of time this probably would be worth a try, thanks for sharing!

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    1. StylEnigma says:

      If you do let me, or us know what you think.

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