Nails Inc. Paint Can nail polish in Hoxton Market.

One of my favorite nail brands, Nails Inc., has come up with yet another beauty innovation – spray on nail polish. This cutting edge brand has created Paint Can and promises that it is the fastest manicure around boasting a 20-second dry time. It’s awfully cute in a graffiti artist kind of way. It is called Nails Inc. Paint Can it comes in two colors, Shoreditch Lane (silver) and Hoxton Market (pink) and with such adorably British names, it’s important to note that this product is not yet available for sale in the US (March 2016) and it has sold out in the UK. At this point, only US beauty insiders (editors) have been able to test the product. Allure’s Jenna Rosenstein was lucky enough to get a hold of the product and her review includes an informative tutorial as well as tips on how to use the product.

Allure’s beauty writer Jenna Rosenstein’s finished manicure with Shoreditch Lane.

Nails Inc. has already started a waitlist for the US launch date and without trying the product my feeling is; at $17 a pop, it’s expensive and wasteful. The online tutorials show more product on the hands and surrounding areas than on the nails and the 20-second drying time doesn’t include the drying time for the top and base coats. Neither color, in my opinion, is flattering to my skin tone, or even in colors that I would wear independently.Then there is the issue of the product being inhaled and washed down the sink. However, I can see its use and entertainment value for nail art. (I am already visualizing how this can be utilized).  So unless I find myself with a product sample – and I won’t –  I will just have to wait until March like everybody else to see if this is indeed an innovation or a waste of money.


Feature Image courtesy of: Nails Inc.

Nails Inc. Paint Can Spray Nail Polish Waitlist.



7 responses to “Nails Inc. Paint Can – Wow or Waste?”

  1. blancobeauty Avatar

    How interesting! I just restarted my blog and was hoping you’d take a look:


  2. Chanele Edwards Avatar

    This is something i’d wear though you’re right – 17 is a lot for a paint spray can. Im really lazy when doing my nails though so I could see this becoming handy in my beauty collection


    1. StylEnigma Avatar

      If it ever hits the states I will get a can just so I can review it. I hear it flies off the shelves in your hood.


      1. Chanele Edwards Avatar

        Really? This is the first time I’m hearing of it so tbh i’d have to wait and find out on Monday


      2. Chanele Edwards Avatar

        As it goes, I just googled it and they had 1 more silver left in stock at Selfridges so I purchased it. It was originally £10 but was on sale for £5 so I picked up a pretty good bargain. Hopefully I’ll like it 🙂


        1. StylEnigma Avatar

          Review it! I’d be interested in getting an educated non-sponsored opion. 😊

          Liked by 1 person

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    […] Chanele Edwards at Enterspree for this review of Nails Inc. Paint Can nail polish. I wrote a blog post in December when I first heard about it praising the innovation but hypothesizing the pitfalls of a product […]


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