Do You Agree? What Trends Need To Die?


Trends change constantly, some stick around for years, some for a season, and some never die. Every season has a new black and for New York Fashion Week, its gold. Seriously, why can’t gold just be the new “it” color and let black be black? Nothing replaces black. Am I wrong?

Classic Short Sparkles – That’s right, sequins.
Bailey Button
Bailey Button – As if we need neon to see this monstrosity.
Blaise Crystal – Is any respectable biker going to respect you in these boots?
Mini Bailey Button Neon – UGG’s are not cheap. You can get this pair for a measly $135.

Yahoo Shine has enlisted a bevy of fashion insiders to share a long list of trends that have passed their expiration dates, and if you remember, I have my contender, but it didn’t make the list. Out of all of them, I agree with Coco Rocha’s choice – UGG boots. Ugh! I don’t understand how wearing this Australian import, especially in the summer, EVER became trendy but this cancels out the Hemsworth’s. And people are STILL wearing them, and these suckers aren’t cheap. The least you will pair for a pair of women’s boots on the UGG site is $135. Wait, it gets better. The line has expanded into mot-chic, sequins, and gasp, neon. I guess there is no accounting for taste. If you are curious to see if your choice made the list, visit What Trends Need To Die? Fashion Week Stars Weigh In on Yahoo Shine. Seriously, help us help you.


  1. I am SO behind you in this. I have no idea how Uggs ever became so popular and why they’re still around. I can’t understand.


    1. StylEnigma says:

      RIGHT!!! I DO NOT get it and I don’t understand how their run has been so long. Where are the fashion Gods?


      1. hahaha seriously, uggs have been around for like 10 years… they won’t quit!


        1. StylEnigma says:

          Don’t say that…


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