The Eyes Have It – Lancôme Show by Alber Elbaz

Israeli designer Alber Elbaz is dressing more than women these days as The Lancôme Show by Alber Elbaz makes its debut. Elbaz took his electric, contemporary style and collaborated with Lancôme to come up with a limited edition collection in eye-catching packaging that demands attention.

Lancôme Show - Définicils 'It Accessories' Lancôme Show - Définicils Mascara

The collection focuses on the eyes and offers four different eyeshadow palettes; Star, Drama, Définicils, and Doll, with corresponding mascara designs made specifically for Lancôme.

While the packaging is new, the colors are Lancôme familiars with a little dressing up. I think the eyeshadow is a bit pricey ($51 for a five color eyeshadow palette), but the Lancôme site is offering two bonus gifts, a Lancôme Show makeup mirror, and a foundation broshure with purchase. 


Lancôme Show - Hypnôse Star Mascara

If you want a piece of the action you had better hurry, because out of 200 sets, a fourth of the inventory has already been claimed through pre-sales.

Lancôme Show - False Lashes

If you want to take your eye drama to new heights the collection also includes Lancôme Show False Lashes for added emphasis.

Alber Elbaz is on fire at the moment; along with his Lancôme collaboration, he is the force behind Lanvin and well respected in the fashion industry. If you aren’t familiar with his work, take a moment to get to know him through the Lanvin Resort 2014 Look Book.



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