Everywhere I look, I see stomach exposure and not just because it is hot outside. This time of year, it is customary to wear lighter fabric and colors and bare a little skin, and the location of choice is the midriff at the moment. The runways were overrun with models’ flaunting their midsections in bandage or bandeau tops, colored and embellished bras and bralettes, and see through fabric.

midriff-panel-runway-examples - Copy

~Sheer Paneling~

The pressure to have a stellar body and suddenly become obsessed with Pilates or renew your dedication to yoga has been lifted because many of the torso baring styles are inclusive of many body shapes and sizes. For instance, a button down shirt tied at the waist can be untied for concealment, and a discreet way to show the tummy is through sheer paneling or cutouts. The keyhole trend allows us to be sexy and leave something to the imagination in our quest to keep cool.

equipment-dylan-tie-front equipment-dylan-tie-front-model

~Blouse tied at the waist ~

midriff-elle-jonathan-saunders-spring-2013-rtw - Copy midriff-elle-kenzo-spring-2013-rtw - Copy midriffelle-loewe-spring-2013-rtw - Copy


midriff-elle-louis-vuiton-spring-2013-rtw - Copy midriff-elle-louis-vuiton-spring-2013-rtw-1 - Copy midriff-elle-marchesa-spring-2013-rtw - Copy

~Crop Top~

The Cut seemed to suggested that some midriff baring tops, the newly evolved crop tops for instance, are ok for the workplace. I suppose it would depend on the job, but for the most part, showing your tummy is a no-no. Right?…


~Midriff Peephole ~

What do you think? Are midriffs appropriate for any workplace and if so, how would you make it look professional? Visit StylEnigma’s Facebook page and create a look that is work friendly with the Style Maker.

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