I Want – The Vita Fede Wrap Bracelet



Twice this week I have zoned in on someone’s jewelry and the brand was Vita Fede, a brand I had never paid that much attention to. The jewelry in question was the leather and chain wrap bracelet, and I thought it was stunning and had an earthy elegance about it. Upon further investigation, I discovered I was drooling over the Capri 5, which wraps around the wrist five times. There are two more models, the Facino, which wraps three times, and the Monaco wraps twice.


The edgy wraps are made of curb chain made of rose gold, sterling silver, and gun metal nestled on top of supple lamb leather in a variety of colors. The magnetic or snap closure allows the addition of more bracelets to build on. The effect is a casual cool that works whether you’re working or playing.


I may not have been paying attention, but high-end fashion magazines and celebrities certainly have. Vita Fede jewelry consistently pops up in editorial fashion shoots, and on celebrities like Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, and Anne Hathaway, who are fans of the wrap bracelets. 


The creative force behind the Italian jewelry line is Cynthia Sakai, who is inspired by the universal appeal of art and architecture. The craftsmanship shows an artistic sense of Asian, American, and European influences that have made the luxury brand so universally appealing.


“Born in LA, made in Italy, inspired by the world” 

~Cynthia Sakai~


The Monaco is bigger and bolder but not louder. It makes a statement with just a hint of intimidation. You can see the rest of the Vita Fede Wrap Bracelet collections at Intermixonline.com.



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