Makeup Magic: Chiseled Cheekbones (Tutorial)

Well defined cheekbones made by using contouring and shading methods.

Do you aspire to have cut-glass cheekbones? Just the name says it all; chiseled cheeks so high and sharp they will cut you. I don’t see a lot of blush tutorials, so when I saw this one by make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury on NET-A-PORTER, I had to share. The trick revolves around shading and contouring methods to give the illusion of higher cheekbones and added definition. Kevin Aucoin made this look relatively easy in his Making Faces and “The Art of Makeup” beauty bibles. I would go out and buy one of his books and marvel at the transformations he created with all of his tools and products, then go forth with confidence that I could eventually have the same result with a little practice. Good times…

To be fair, the video vixen already has well-defined, high cheekbones so I would have loved to have seen this tutorial on a model that didn’t already look like she was sucking her cheeks in. I have high, well-defined cheekbones as well so I am of no help.

What do you think? Are you impressed with this makeup trick? If you are or if you have tried this and achieved the look you want, share the results.

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  1. natziwang says:

    I got all excited until I saw how well-defined the model’s cheekbones already are. D= I think this is almost like cheating, like when they use falsies in mascara advertisements.


    1. StylEnigma says:

      LOL! I really hope someone without well-defined cheeks tries this and lets us know if it really works. I know the whole contouring and shading works but yes, this is kind of cheating.


      1. natziwang says:

        I’ve tried it before, on myself, and when I was doing makeup for dancers. It works really well under stage light.


        1. StylEnigma says:

          I’m a big fan of contouring and shading so I know it works (and I can agree on how it looks under stage lights) but it be more of a sell if it was done on someone with not so obvious sculptured features. I might have to do it myself.


        2. natziwang says:

          Haha, do that! I might try to when I have time to too.


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