Just in Time: White Dresses in Every Style, Ever : Lucky Magazine

It’s that time of year where “they” give us permission to wear white until labor Day, and if you wear white any other time, people will look at you sideways. There are people out there that insist on embracing the antiquated notion that you can only wear white at certain times of the year. It’s been a long time since I sought permission to wear anything, and if my super-strict, super-religious mother couldn’t make me wear what she wanted, complete strangers don’t have a prayer, credentials be damned. Get it? Religious, prayer, damned… Yes, I got jokes, and they’re clean jokes. I don’t need my mother cursing me. See, did it again…

Anyway… I have always thought that was a stupid fashion rule because, it’s a stupid fashion rule. Wear whatever, whenever. I came across this article on Lucky magazine’s site, and I couldn’t help but go through the gallery. This dress, #18, “Tamga” by Kimberly Ovitz, is what got me to re-blog (I don’t re-blog often) this article. Go to Shopbop if for no other reason just to see the dress in action. It’s worth it. If this was available in black I would squeal and hyperventilate, in that order. I really like Kimberly Ovitz. Her clothing is easy, flowing, unique, and she isn’t afraid of asymmetrical hemlines or layers. Very cool…

Here are a few more looks from the gallery:

For a look at the rest of the dresses in Lucky’s photo gallery:

White Dresses in Every Style, Ever : Lucky Magazine.

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I created StylEnigma in 2014 to celebrate the beauty of individuality and creative personal expression/presentation. I love the idea of being a canvas and expressing myself by transforming into the embodiment of my mood - to the mood I want to be in. I am fascinated by different standards of beauty and style and fashion incorporates instinctively incorporates both. I use writing as a form of continued education. I've never been into cliques or trends because I've always believed that personal style supersedes trends, I've never been a follower or stressed about being liked, and what I'm thinking usually escapes my lips before I can stop it. I love dark colors like black and midnight blue. I own so much black clothing it looks like I'm in a perpetual state of mourning - and I probably am. I love nail art. In fact, I started this blog because of a Nailasaurus nail art post, and before that, I owned a nail and skincare salon, so there will be a LOT of nail art. As a lupus patient who has been riding this global crisis solo, I have acquired a vicious plant habit and currently have approximately 95, including propagations. I frequently critique nonsense, ponder the human condition, dodge the bullets and jump over the obstacles placed before me all while learning how to make ADHD work for me because at the moment, it isn't. I am also learning how to create alternative forms of content and maintain my sanity because life frequently tests it. This will be fun. Let's do this!

One thought on “Just in Time: White Dresses in Every Style, Ever : Lucky Magazine”

  1. White just doesn’t work for me because I live where it is really dusty and no matter how I try to keep it clean I can always find a spot on it. I do wear white capri pants to church but then usually change right away when I get home so they don’t get too dirty. I only wear white in the summertime.


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