Bringing fashion to Peshawar


Despite an environment of recession and unrest, marred by militancy in the recent past, the Peshawariites were treated to a colourful fashion show in University Town organised by Peshawar’s multi-designer outlet Guzel. It attracted a large crowd that gathered to watch super model Natasha’s cat walk, along with other top models from the rest of the country.

Ali Ozgen and Temur Ozgen, Islamabad-based entrepreneurs felt that the idea of expanding the potential of a fashion industry to a market where terrorism has prompted the investors to flee, would send a positive message to the foreign investors that the environment is conducive for them. Besides bringing top models to the city, it would also bring fashion from throughout the world to Peshawar’s households.

Ali is a graduate from IBA, Karachi and the London School of Economics. He quit his lucrative job in the Middle East and the UK to move back…

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