Imagine, videos (yes, plural) of David Beckham running around in his underwear. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better… I’m not sure it can. From the looks of it, he seems to be a handful; as in he looks like he can be mischievous. What did you think I meant? At some point I should be immune to Beck’s getting down to the bare essentials, but the bolt strikes hard every time. This thrill came courtesy of H&M and was directed by Guy Ritchie (eye candy!). I just want to say “thank you” to Madonna’s ex. I certainly wouldn’t have let him go.

David Beckham Thinking About How Fine He Is              

To see all five David Beckham/Guy Ritchie videos, read OTRC’s piece where he talks about Twitter, Tom Cruise and of course, underwear.  

So yummy…

I like a man who likes to change the way he looks and he isn’t afraid at all. He plays with different hairstyles and haircuts and his tattoo collection continues to grow. It’s like you’re getting a different man every few months or so. I thought I should include one picture of him playing football/soccer and then I changed my mind. I don’t know him from sports, I know him for being criminally gorgeous. I must have posted 10 pictures before I realized that only one had him covered. What can I say?

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More wholesome goodness…

5 responses to “Thank You H&M: David Beckham & Guy Ritchie”

  1. Lynnette Southwood Avatar

    It should be illegal to look that good. I’ll be happy to arrest him.


  2. http://yahoo.com Avatar

    “Thank You H&M: David Beckham & Guy Ritchie | StylEnigma” in
    fact got myself hooked with your web-site! I actuallywill certainly be back far more regularly.

    Thanks a lot ,Ermelinda


    1. Lynnette Southwood Avatar

      Thanks so much Ermelinda. He is beautiful isn’t he? It’s very hard for me to look away.


  3. Victoria, Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc. Inspired Nail Art | StylEnigma Avatar

    […] bottle design. There is a great deal of inspiration happening by way of Victoria Beckham. Listen, if my man looked like hers, I could inspire all of this greatness […]


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